Christopher Jackson

Artist Statement: 

Solid compositions, rich saturated color and dramatic lighting are typical in my paintings. Color is my primary tool to evoke emotion and create mood, happiness, solitude, calm…

I work in series. I design a composition which will allow me to explore color combinations while all the time refining my technique to create striking images. The single tree series, the tree cluster series, the three color abstract landscape series and most recently the three tree series all create the visual impact which has become a contemporary trademark of my style.

The rule of saying more with less is always governing my art.


Works in the Gallery: For more on Christopher Jackson’s work visit Tabula Rasa Collective at the Studio Gallery in Phoenix or at For inquiries and pricing about the works below please contact the gallery.

Happy Green Tree  20x24

Happy Green Tree  20×24   pastel on museum board


Happy Yellow Tree  20×24   pastel on museum board


Lollipop Trees  20×30   pastel on pastel card


The Meditation Piece  20×24   pastel on museum board

Three Cool Purple Trees 20x30

Three Cool Purple Trees  20×30   pastel on paper


Three Red Trees  20×30   pastel on pastel card


Turquoise Landscape  20×24   pastel on museum board


Warm Light  20×24   pastel on museum board

Breathe In The Air  20x24

Breathe In The Air 20×24   pastel on museum board

Blue On Blue  20x24

Blue on Blue  20×24   pastel on pastel card

Breathe In Breathe Out  20x24

Breathe In Breathe Out  20×24   pastel on museum board

Happy Orange Tree  20x24

Happy Orange Tree  20×24   pastel on pastel card

Happy Red Tree  20x24

Happy Red Tree  20×24   pastel on museum board

Clarity Of Thought  20x24

Clarity of Thought  20×24   pastel on museum board

Red And Orange Trees Mix Well Together  18x24

Red and Orange Trees Mix Well Together  18×24   pastel on paper

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